Bib collection


General information

The withdrawal of race numbers will be done the day before the races on reservation of time slots of one hour.

Please note the following information:

  • To collect your number, it is mandatory to present an identity document. A person can collect a number for another competitor on presentation of 2 pieces of identification
  • In order to offer you more flexibility, a large number of slots is offer (between 30 and 40% more than the number of registrants) as well as an extended time range, however the earlier you make your choice, the more possibilities you will have.
  • As long as a slot is displayed, it means that there are still places available.
  • Once you have made a choice, it will be possible to change it before the deadline.
  • Due to the possibility of changing slots, it is possible that a full slot will be reopened but the organization will not have any visibility on it
  • For the R-race, only the team captain can choose a time slot
  • For the orienteering races, the number pick-up will be between 4pm and 7pm and it is not necessary to reserve a time slot

    Location of the number collection

    The withdrawal of race numbers will take place at the MaXi-Village located at the following address: 27 avenue du petit port; 74940 Annecy le Vieux.
    The link to access the location on google maps is the following:

    The reservation of the bib collection slot will be opened about 1 month before the event. Runners will be notified by email and the link will be available here