Impossibility to run once registered


If you cannot be present on the day of the event, you have 2 possibilities:

  • Take out cancellation insurance if you took it out when you registered
  • Resell your bib : limit date 17 avril

2023 Cancellation insurance

Important information

  • Cancellation insurance can only be taken out at the time of registration.
  • Cancellation insurance is a service external to the event organization.
  • The cost of this insurance is 11.5% of the amount of your registration .
  • This insurance only covers the registration fee for the race .
    80% of the registration fee will be reimbursed.
    Details of guarantees and conditions are available here
  • This insurance does not allow for a refund for any reason that could be considered related to the Covid 19 pandemic. In this case, our general conditions apply (see details in the section "Cancellation of the race by the organizer and reimbursement of the runners".

How do you play this insurance?

Valid for participants residing worldwide and for cancellations made up to 72 hours after the event
If you subscribed to this insurance when you registered, you will just have to go to your contract, received by email, to access the link to request a refund and follow the instructions.
Please note that if you make a request for a refund, your registration will be automatically cancelled and the insurer will take care of your compensation. Once the request is made, we do not have the possibility as organizer to know the progress of your refund.

Bib resale


  • The purchase/resale of race numbers is possible until the 17 of april.
  • It is possible to transfer a race number alone or with options. Only the cancellation insurance cannot be transferred.
  • The payment of the race number and the possible options is done directly between the runners and does not engage the organizer. The price is freely fixed between the runners.

Information for the seller

  • Once you have reached an agreement with a buyer, you can start the bib transfer procedure by following the steps specified  on the online help
  • Your identifiers to access your personal space were sent to you by email when you registered.
    If you can’t find them, here’s how to request them again
  • You can see all the options taken during your registration by going to your personal space and clicking on “Runner Bag” and downloading your invoice
  • Transfer of options to the buyer:
    – The options can only be transferred when you transfer your race number.
    – If you do not resell the options with your race number, we will not proceed to any refund.
    – The registration module only allows the automatic transfer of the race number and not the options.
    If you have resold options, once the number transfer has been done on the module, please send us an email to so that we can manually transfer these options.

Information for the buyer

  • The purchase of a race number involves to accept the race rules
  • If you buy a number from a registered runner, it will not be possible to take out cancellation insurance, nor will it be possible to obtain a refund or a postponement if you cannot participate in the event.
    This is not a choice on our part but a constraint linked to our registration module.
  • When you buy a number, you will have to pay on the registration module the help to the associations, the fees for the non licensed runners, the management fees (bank).
  • Once you have reached an agreement, it is up to the seller to transfer his number by going to his personal space. On your side, you will find an explanation of the actions to do on the last page of the online help
  • The registration module only allows the automatic transfer of the race number.
    The possible options will be transferred manually by our team in a second time if the seller makes the request.
    There will be a delay of a few days before the transfer of the option is carried out and you will be informed by email when it is done.
    Following several misunderstandings, we remind you that if you bought a bib with options, you must not add them on the module because you will have to pay them. It is up to the seller to request the transfer of options and we will add them manually.