The 1-day solo tour of Lake Annecy
Saturday 27 of may




m of ascent

H max

Detailed race informations

Salomon MaXi Trail Series Europe :

A series for all runners, not just the elite!
In 2022, Salomon joins the MaXi-Race Europe (France / Sicily / Madeira) to create the Salomon MaXi Trail Series Europe.
The concept is simple: make you discover exceptional territories to practice Trail Running and live intense emotions. After 2 years of restriction, take a few days to change air!
On each event, 1 race between 60 and 100km will be part of the Series and runners who complete at least 2 dates will participate in a draw to live an exceptional experience in early 2023.
More info:

Key info:

  • 3 dates to travel in Europe:
    – MaXi-Race – End of May – MaXi-Race 88km
    The tour of Annecy Lake through the mountains . Registrations open, beware there are very few places left!
    -MaXi-Race Sicily – End of July – 60km
    A trip on the slopes of the ETNA “a volcano and an extraordinary experience! “Registration open
    -MaXi-Race Madeira – December – Ultra Race 100km
    An island and a welcoming population, a fabulous playground for practicing the Trail in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
    Registration will open on April 1st 2022
  • No final ranking but draws:
    – One where all runners who  2 or 3 races will participate
    – An additional one reserved to the runners having participated to 3 races to have a better chance of being drawn!
  • Many prizes will be won and 6 people will be able to live an exceptional experience during the beginning of 2023…

So, are you ready to live this adventure?

Prize money

On the MaXi-Race and only on this format, prizes will be given to some runners. All the information is available on the registration page in the section “Practical information / Elite race numbers and prizes”.

Bib collection

To collect your bib you will have to present an ID with your photo.
In order to make the bibs collection fast, you will have time slots to collect it the day before the race according to the race your participate. Details are available on the dedicated page.

Saturday starts : MaXi, R-Race, XL-Race D1

Practical information:

  • We differentiate waves and SAS starts:
    - A starting wave corresponds to a starting time
    - For each wave, there can be 1 or 2 SAS in order to distribute the runners within the starting wave according to their level and to fluidify the starts.
  • The SAS are automatically constituted based on your performance index one month before the event
  • Your race time will start when you cross the start line.
  • Time barriers are calculated on the start time of the last wave.

Start time schedule:

In order for you to be able to estimate in which SAS you are going to start, we communicate you the distribution of the SAS of 2022. This distribution will evolve for 2023 according to the level of the registered riders and will be communicated 1 month before the event

  • 2:50 am: Start of wave 1 consisting of:
    - SAS 1: between 30 and 50 elite runners (index above 778 for men and 601 for women)
    - SAS 2 : 500 runners with an index above 535
  • 3h00 : Start of the wave 2 made of :
    - SAS 3: all the runners of the R-Race whatever the performance index
    - SAS 4: about 400 runners with an index between 460 and 534
  • 3:10 : Start of wave 3 made up of SAS 5 : about 500 runners with an index below 533

Opening of SAS :

    • SAS Elite, 1, 2 and 3 will open at 2h20
    • SAS 4, 5 will open at 2h55

The challenger ranking on the MaXi-Race

As runners, we know that having an ambitious goal keeps us on course and motivated on a daily basis, but if the adventure stops prematurely, it can be very frustrating. We have therefore thought of all the traileurs for whom completing the tour of Lake Annecy in 1 day is an ambitious and motivating objective, but who hesitate because they are afraid of stopping before the end or not being able to train enough.
In 2023, all runners who reach the feed station in Doussard but do not cross the finish line will still be rewarded for their efforts!
Indeed, you will be classified on a specific format, the "Challenger" format, which will allow you to see all your efforts rewarded.
With this new challenge, your initial goal may not be totally successful, but your weekend and training sessions will still have been beneficial!

Information about the assistance areas

The assistance areas are the only places where an accompanying person can come to refuel and help a runner. They are located near the refreshement points. Except these specific places indicated above, any other assistance is prohibited even between runners.
In these areas, you can pick and drop anything you want between the green panel (zone entry) and the red panel (zone exit). When you leave this zone, remember to leave with all the mandatory equipment.
The accompanying persons who make the assistance will not be authorized to "enter" the "covered" area used for the runners refreshment points. This rule applies to all the runners, including elite runners.
The accompanying persons must be masked

Information about refreshment points

You will find details of the place of the refreshment points on the board above.
To have the details of the food present at the refreshment points, we invite you to consult the dedicated page.
Please note that the refreshment points are only available for the runners and not for the accompanying persons.
On the R-Race, refreshment points are only available for the runner who have just finished his relay before he has changed his clothes. Runners starting their relay will not be allowed to access to the refreshment points.

Drop bag, luggage service and luggage storage

Drop bag :

 The drop bag is to be deposited on Friday when you come to collect your bibs (according to your number withdrawal of bibs - between 11am and 9pm - !!! no drop bag will be taken at the start !!!) and you will find them at the refreshment station in Doussard.

On the MaXi-Race This drop bag service is offered as an option on the MaXi-Race at a cost of 3€ (to be taken at the time of your registration or later by going to your personal space on the registration site)
The drop bag is to be deposited on Friday when you come to collect your number and you will find them at the refreshment station in Doussard.
After your race you can pick it up in Annecy on Saturday from 3pm to midnight and on Sunday from 10am to 6pm

On the XL-Race
This service is included in the price of your registration.
On Sunday morning, you can drop it off again (between 7:30am and 8am) or before the start of the race in Doussard and you will get it back in Annecy between 10am and 6pm

Rules to respect for the dropbags:

  • You must only use the bag provided at the race number distribution (dimensions 40 x 35 x 15 cm) and you must put the number we will give you
  • This bag closes with a zip, but do not overload it.
  • There should be no drinks or fragile items in the bag, the organisation is not responsible for any breakage or loss.
  • Nothing should stick out of the bag.
  • If you use poles, fold them and protect the tips.
  • To get them back you will need your number.
  • Do not forget them, no bags will be returned by post.

Luggage service:

A luggage service is also available as an option for XL-Race runners who wish to carry a larger bag (1 bag of 100L maximum that you must provide). The fee is 5€ (to be taken at the time of your registration or later by going to your personal space on the registration site).
The bag is to be deposited on Saturday morning before the start of your race with the Staff who will be at the entrance of your SAS start. You will find it in Doussard.
On Sunday morning, you can drop it off (between 7:30am and 8am) or  before the start of the race in Doussard and you will get it back in Annecy between 10am and 6pm (you will have to show your number to get it back)

Locker service :

There is no locker service on the event

Information about of the switchover on the night route

For races whose arrival can be done at night (Ultra-Race, MaXi-Race, R-Race) a switchover will be made at nightfall to the platform of the old cable car (the km and the exact time is indicated on the table at the top of the page).
In order to guarantee the safety of the runners, you will be switched to a less technical route. You will still be considered as a finisher but a time adjustment of a few minutes will be made on your arrival time to ensure sporting fairness.

Mandatory equipment - Can be adjust 15 days before the event

The equipment will not be checked at the delivery of the numbers, but will be randomly checked at the start, during the event and at the finish.

1/ Basic pack for all :

  • Suitable shoes (trail shoes) - if it's muddy think to have shoes with big enough studs, not in "slick" otherwise it slips.
  • Survival blanket in its original packaging and uncut.
  • Charged cell phone - with the LiveRun application activated:
    Android :
  • Whistle
  • Visible bib (to be placed on the front of the runner. A second additional electronic chip will be attached to the back of your backpack).
  • Food (at least a gel or just in case - up to you, but probably more if you are on a long distance!!!...).
  • Water :
    - 0.75 liter container minimum or 2 flasks of 0.5 liter --> up to you, but for the vast majority of you, you will surely need more. 1,5l to 2 liters (even more for some) are advised at the start of each Rav and water point !!! There will be no water brought up in a car or 4x4 in the mountains, so be prepared.
  • Sticks allowed

2 / In addition to the basic pack you will need for :

Short-Race, Femina-Race, R-Race SEPas Impossible :
Basic pack +

R-Race SEP not Impossible
Basic pack +
Headlamp in operation for :
- 1st runner: 2h30 at night
- and according to the departure time for the 4th runner --> after 5pm, headlamp on the head of the Rav3 of Villard-Dessus/
Model that goes well:

Marathon-Race and Marathon-eXperience
Basic pack +

MaXi-Race of 87km :
Basic pack +

The prefecture of Haute-Savoie can ask us to oblige you to run with a Cold Weather Kit (in addition to the compulsory packs) until 24 hours before the start!

  • Cold weather kit
    The activation of this kit will be decided at the latest 24 hours before the event according to the weather conditions.
    This kit includes: 1 long-sleeved upper body layer like a fleece + 1 long stocking + 1 pair of long gloves + 1 head covering (buff or cap) and a "high waterproof and breathable" jacket (for those who did not have it in the mandatory list).